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The 3P0 mission to Pluto

In 2020, somebody yet to be determined is expected to fly a manned mission to the dwarf planet Pluto.  The 3P0 mission, as it’s been dubbed, has as its goal the marking of every crater that has been created on Pluto by meteors.  As there are tons of craters on this tiny world, mission planners foresee having this mission take a month or two so that all of the “nooks and crannies” can be explored.  If the mission cannot be accomplished in this time, the astronauts will be required to place landmarks on each of the craters of the moon instead.

Sources close to the project expect that this mission will be great because it’s so complicated.  Detractors, on the other hand, believe that this mission will be difficult because the gravitational pull of Neptune may capture the ship and cause it to rocket to the surface of Neptune.  Noting that it’s hard to dodge the gravitational pull of Neptune, Steve gives the mission only a 10% chance of success.

Fortunately, the mission will cost only $4, a relative bargain in planetary exploration.  Additionally, NASA will have to find mission specialists in a yet-undetermined “astronaut place.”


  1. Ingrid Guch says:

    $4 is a great deal!!!


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