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The fastest car in the world is going to be invented!

Steve announced this evening the plans for a rocket car.  This rocket car is going to be powered by “a ton of jet packs” and is expected to travel at a speed of 19 miles per hour… or more!  Steve announced that he was extremely excited with the project, stating that once the car is made it will go rocketing.

The construction of the car is simple:  It’s a normal car with a rocket on it.  When asked if the car could be operated more conventionally without the rocket, Steve indicated that this would not be an option, because the motor is also attached to the rocket.  This car will use gas for the regular engine and hydrogen peroxide for the rockets.



As the diagram shows, Buster from Mythbusters plays an important role in this project.  Buster has to be made out of metal and floppy so that he won’t catch on fire.  His usual wooden construction, while suited to his other job, is not ideal for this application.  In this car, Buster connects the car to the jet pack in order to keep the car’s center of gravity in the middle, which is seen as ideal.  This will keep the car from spinning out of control and from reaching dangerous speeds. Without Buster, there’s a real danger that this rocket car will bump into other rocket cars as well as more conventional vehicles.

Safety measures include seat belts and pads on every side of the car so nobody gets hurt.  There will also be 12 air bags on the inside of the car for security.  Steve has indicated that he will not even consider including an ejection seat because it will result in the passengers being thrown out and burned by the jet pack.

The expected price for this car will be $2.  This low price point is intended to make it possible for the “man-on-the-street” to purchase one.  In 29 years, if the business is successful, the price may be raised to $4, and in another 29 years it will rise to its highest maximum price of $10.  Steve expects that the price difference between his rocket car and typical cars will result in booming business.

“It’s like having a car with square wheels but more fun!” said Steve, ending his remarks.


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